August 4, 2006

Holiday in Harlesden?

Danish songwriter Tobias Bulow sent me a message the other day at suggesting that I should try listen to his music. So I did as he suggested, and even though I was a bit unconvinced the first few times I listened to the songs, the two tracks below have turned out to be real growers! I've never been any good at this, but I guess the music can be described as a kind of alternative electropop with some sort of melancholic twist. Tobias probably gets his inspiration (I'm guessing now) from bands like Depeche Mode (early 80's), The Knife and (if he's ever heard of them) Cause and Effect.
+ Harlesden Gardens
+ See Me Out

Danish sensations The Holiday Show are now in the studio recording their debut album. I guess I'm not the only one expecting a lot of these guys?
+ Put Me On A TV Show

Check these two posts:
Peter writes about Swedish band The Fine Arts Showcase.
+ Chemical Girl

Chris writes about US band For Those Who Know.
+ Competition

I now have 999 "friends" at Myspace! Oh my I'm popular. Just wish this was real life!!! Just to rule out any misunderstandings. No prizes for "friend" no. 1,000! Sorry Peter ;-)

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Parklife said...

Will friend no. 1000 win a special prize? An iPod, a new sportscar or something like that? :-)