August 7, 2006

Regina - Singing in Finnish...

Today Swedish label Songs I wish I had written (Le Sport, Gentle Touch etc.) is releasing a new single by Finnish electronic pop band Regina called Minua Ollaan Vastassa. Once you adjust/get used to the vocals being sung in Finnish (this is not meant to offend anyone, but it does indeed sound a bit awkward), you will realize that this is a damn fine pop single. Instead you're left with the impression that the strange lyrics add an almost mystical dimension to the simple electronic but very catchy and charming tune. The fine female vocals and the short "instrumental break" around the 1:40 minute mark make the single and the band (completely unknown to me yesterday) very pleasant acquaintances. The single contains 3 other versions of the song and one of them is a pumping (and very cool) dancefloor-filler remix by Danes Tiger Baby (thus making this a kind of inter-Scandinavian collaboration). Order it here (€4).

Minua Ollaan Vastassa (Original version)
Minua Ollaan Vastassa (Tiger Baby Remix)
Katso maisemaa (2005 single)

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