August 22, 2006 - Top Tracks

I've added my 50 top tracks according to to the now playing list in WMP, so I'm currently listening to what is supposed to be my 50 favorite tracks. Some of them probably were flavor of the day/week, but overall there are only a few I wish was not there!!
Below I've posted a few of the tracks with the overall position in brackets.
(3) The Fridaynight Club - Aeroplanes
(9) Moonbabies - War On Sound
(12) Bahnhof - Tanktop Girl
(35) Phonodrive - Think About
(40) Oppenheimer - Breakfast In NYC
(40) Division Day - Colorguard
(49) Memoplay - Food In Strings


Anonymous said...

Very good songs!!!
I sent two song by STERLIN (Spanish band) and DELAWARE (Norwegian band). Very good bands!!! :)

Anonymous said...

yesterday you said: "...some of his recommendations will be posted here tomorrow!"
You forget rodolfo´s recommendations??? ;)

stytzer said...

Unfortunately this is not a full time job even though I'd love it to be! So Rodolfo and his recommendations will have to wait until tomorrow :-)