August 23, 2006

Two new favorite tracks!

Yesterday I added two new tracks to my list of current favorites (the complete list can be found in the column on the right). The first one was Move On by LA duo This Episode. I found the song over at Coast Is Clear and it is incredible catchy and very 80 inspired. If I didn't know better I would have guessed that this was another Terry Hall project!
+ Move On

The second song was the darling of more or less every music blogger the past few months; Postcards From Italy by Beirut. When songs get "over-"hyped I tend to shy away from listening to them and in this case it was no different. Now I know it was quite a stupid mistake, because this is a fantastic track and it certainly deserves all the attention it has been getting! This is not your typical pop song and (if you haven't listened to it before) don't start thinking that it's the wrong track when the ukulele and trumpet start playing!
+ Postcards From Italy

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splashme said...

Thanks for those tracks. Very nice