August 29, 2006


Found two brilliant tracks from Monster Movie in the mailbox this morning. Both tracks are from the album All Lost released in April this year. This is great atmospheric dream-pop and I guess the album has just been added to my shopping list!
+ Driving Through The Red Lights
+ Vanishing Act

Another one I found in the mailbox the other day was instrumental track Julie's Story by TRS-80. This is quite monotone electronica, but still pretty good.
+ Julie's Story

Larry recommends US band Easterly, who has been compared to Pernice Brothers and Teenage Fanclub. The track Wicked Conversation definitely makes you think of those two bands!
+ Wicked Conversation (TW Walsh mix)

Chris over at Music of The Moment has introduced a new feature called Hot Tracks, where he lists his current favorite tracks. Very useful!

If you have a couple of minutes I suggest you visit the Myspace profile of Danish duo Nordstrøm and stream the track Natteravn. It's sung in Danish, but that song sure has Pet Shop Boys written all over it. Don't you think?

If you like Danish band Moi Caprice, I recommend that you check out this post over at emodreng og indiepige, where you can download 3 (really, really great) songs by the band....

A big thank you to José Antonio for informing me that it's possible to download a (really cool) remix of the new single Keeping You In Mind by Mighty Six Ninety from The Kids Label homepage.
+ Keeping You In Mind (Keeping It Electro Mix)


Parklife said...

I can strongly recommend buying the Monster Movie-CD because for me it's one of the best albums of this year! Almost as good as their debut, "Last night something happened" (which has a beautiful artwork too :-).

Mita said...

Monster Movie is one of the best dreampop groups ever. I worship everything they've done so far and the way they continue to change with every release is wonderful. I still have to say though, "Last Night Something Happened" is still my favorite.