August 17, 2006

New music.....

Below a few (and pretty good) tracks that I've received in the mailbox over the past few days or have been notified were available at Myspace!

+ Du Pacque - Dedicated
New track from (what really should be) everyone's new favorite Swedish band!

+ Avocadoclub - The Realist
Short and very energetic from this German one-man project (or is it a band?)!

+ The Fields - Song For The Fields
Cool indie/folk track! Band members are from Iceland and The UK!

+ Leopold - Johnny
Pretty nice one from this Swedish 5-piece. Not sure about the rest of their songs though!

Also remember to check out the incredible Mama's Room by Under The Influence Of Giants posted by Chris.

Chris! GO HOME :-)

1 comment:

Chris said...

I'm still working my way through lots of new stuff, so I'll probably add a few ones to the list.

Do I still have to wait or can I go home now? :D