August 18, 2006

Autumn Thieves

NY shoegazers Autumn Thieves broke up in January this year (I believe I've mentioned this a few times before), but every now and then a couple of "new" songs from the past are uploaded to the band's myspace profile. Yesterday two new tracks were made available and even though they seem to be more like "rough drafts" than actually songs, you still cannot help thinking that this could have developed into quite an interesting band. Apparently a complete work lp is due this fall, so hopefully we haven't heard the last new/unknown songs from Autumn Thieves.
+ Alone Again
+ One Final Thought
+ Rachel's Underground (an older song to give you an idea of what the band used to sound like)

Andy Durutti of the band moved on and formed a new band called Bordeaux, who (if I'm not completely wrong) continues to rehears and recording demos. Andy has also done some occasional work with another really fine NY shoegaze band called Elika (who I've mentioned several times before).
+ You're Not Safe At All
+ Acting For You

These bands and several other very good ones can be explored through the Loveless Music Group's webpage.

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