August 23, 2006

Rodolfo Recommends!

Back from his holiday in Ecuador, Rodolfo has continued trawling the world of music and once again he has sent me a nice long list of bands and songs he thinks we all should listen to!

Goat Explosion is a NY duo playing dance friendly electro pop. I've never heard of them before, but apparently that band has re-formed after a 5 year break-up. Comparing the band to Swedes Le Sport is not completely off target.
+ Come On Make Me Feel

Be There by UK indie pop band Leon was one of my favorite songs a while back (play count says 28), but I never really bothered listening to the other tracks available. Wonderful is recommended by Rodolfo with the following description "will make you dream while listening". I think you should judge that yourself. But Wonderful is indeed a very nice if not wonderful song!
+ Be There
+ Wonderful

The Dawn Parade changed its name to The Visions at the end of 2005, but earlier this month the band decided to split up. The band was inspired by The Smiths (check out the title of one of the songs!), Pulp etc., and there definitely is some Idlewild inspiration in the music as well!
+ Morrissey's Tongue
+ Wider Than The January Skies (great epic track!)

Once again I owe Rodolfo a big thank you for sending those recommendations. It's much appreciated!!!!


Anonymous said...

Always Rodolfo recommends are brilliant!. Very good DJ! ;)

Anonymous said...

New and brilliant band form Norway in your e-mail!!! great!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Transatlantic flight" is brilliant!!!! Marvellous!!!!
The best of!!!
New band from Norway is...the best of!!!

Anonymous said...

And MEW is friend of this Norway band!!!!

Parklife said...

I really like the Dawn Parade! Songs with "Morrissey" in it are always welcome. :-))

Tinkerbell said...

uCouple more recs for you luvvie...

*The Madleines
*The Indelicates
*The Ivy League