August 10, 2006

Stuff. Just stuff!

I was in Copenhagen last night watching Danish football/soccer champions FC Copenhagen play against Dutch team Ajax Amsterdam. This was the first game in the UEFA Champions League third qualifying round and the home side lost 1-2. Barring a miracle this will be another (very long) year without a Danish team in the prestigious Champions League. I know the quality of the photo is just bad, but that's the best my phone can do!

I'm currently listening to the new albums by Mojave 3 and The Ballet a lot. Both albums are ace!
+ The Face Of Everything (The Ballet)
+ The Mutineer (Mojave 3)

Lots of people are sending me emails these days recommending various bands/songs I should listen to. I appreciate it very much, because it makes life as a blogger a whole lot easier. I will do my best and try listening to the music, but I cannot guarantee that I will post any of it or even reply to the emails. Unfortunately this is not a full time job, though it could easily be turned into one!

Larry from the US sent me one of those mails yesterday suggesting that I should listen to German band Avocadoclub, because as he wrote "I think it would fit into your musical tastes". He especially recommended Too Much Space To Walk Away, which turned out to be an irresistible and very catchy pop tune. Probably not a song that will stick around forever, but as long as the sun is shining and the weather is fine, this is the perfect song!
+ Too Much Space To Walk Away

Danish band Twoface is currently recording their second album, but the band has generously uploaded 4 tracks from their 2003 debut Sounds of a Rude World to Myspace. This is POP music, but unbelievable charming and catchy, and if you're looking for the perfect summer song, you need to look no further, because Fire In Your Eyes will meet your every need.
+ Fire In Your Eyes (Ay Ay)
+ Revelations Day


Anonymous said...

"Fire in your eyes" is brilliant!!!

Chris said...

Oh great... it will take hours before I will get that song out of my head again! ;)

Larry F. said...

"Fire in your eyes" is good, but I think "Revelation Day" is even better.
Thanks for posting these. I'm looking forward to see if their new stuff is as good as these two.