August 11, 2006

Songs I Wish I Had Written...

Swedish label Songs I Wish I Had Written has been so kind to send me the new EP's by Regina and Gentle Touch. I've mentioned these two very good electro pop bands a few times before, so I hope you have already listened to them. If not - you really should do it NOW! And if you like the music I strongly recommend that you buy the stuff, thus supporting the bands and a small label doing a lot trying to promote Scandinavian music (honestly - I wasn't paid for writing this!).

Gentle Touch:
+ Smedby (has caught the attention of at least one other blogger!)
+ Fascination

+ Minua ollaan vastassa
+ Minua ollaan vastassa (Unarmed Enemies' Overslept Edit)

Check out a couple of "team mates":

+ Le Sport - Tell no one about tonight
+ The Lovekevins -
+ Unarmed Enemies - Show Me Your Plans (Radio edit)


Anonymous said...

The best band: GENTLE TOUCH.
Is really brilliant.
Smedby is a big pop song.
Yesterday I recommended other electro band: The Automatons. (Danish band). Their song "fast girls" is good.

stytzer said...

Smedby is fantastic!

The Automatons is not bad at all. Need to listen to their stuff a bit more, but will probably post it next week!

Anonymous said...

The second single from Asleep's forthcoming debut album will be out next Monday!!! (on the August 14th). And the album in septempber!!!
The song is called 'I Lost You'.
I to hope for listen it!!!

Parklife said...

"Fascination" is a real smash hit! I love it! Simple, but irresistable melody... And I'll surely recommend this band at my blog too. :-)