August 15, 2006

Surfact - Starfighters!

The annual Danish music-talent contest Starfighters took place this weekend and was won by Copenhagen band Surfact (securing the band a record deal and a truck load of money for promotion). Influenced by bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden, Surfact belongs to a musical genre, which is light years away from the indie/alternative bands I normally feature in this blog. But this 5-piece still deserves to be mentioned, because I doesn't happen every day that you hear a band with this much potential. On several tracks the grunge influences are very obvious, but the great melody is always present, thus making it quite a thrill listening to the most recent shooting stars on the Danish music scene.
+ Sugarcane
+ Soul Slide
+ Monkey On Your Back
+ Make You Fail

1 comment:

ross bowen said...

Saw this band in CPH Town square on the back of a truckstage about 3 years ago and saw immediately the potential. If they ever came to Australia they would go down great on the summer coastal tours. I like the writings, the soul and the sound. Why oh why havn't we been able to buy something from them. The only cd I have was bought on that day in CPH. Was in Roskilde this summer for Procul Harum and was hoping to catch them again but missed. Ross