August 14, 2006

The Automatons

It's a small world these days. What else can you say, when people from all over the world start recommending Danish bands you've never heard of? Spanish read José Antonio mentioned Danish electro/pop/new wave/synth band The Automatons in a comment last week, thus leaving me with yet another new (or unknown) Danish band to check out. The band gets the musical inspiration from a string of legendary synth bands (Human League etc.) and (according to band itself) has the ambition to revive the synth pop genre in a more modern version. The songs that are available sound quite interesting and do indeed fit into the synth pop genre, but unfortunately none of them leave a lasting impression (the memorable melody is not really there). So I guess this means a lot of hard work, before the ambitions can be fulfilled.
+ Kaiser Ming
+ Talk To Me


Anonymous said...

The world is very big. Sometimes I don´t know spanish band too.
Now I´m listen new sigle by ASLEEP, "I lost you", but this song isn´t free download in myspace.

Anonymous said...

New song by DU PACQUE ("Dedicated") is free download in myspace.