August 9, 2006

The Winner Takes It All ++++++

Normally I don't bother enter any competitions, because I know for sure that I won't win (obviously I won't win, if I don't enter), but yesterday I won It's A Trap's promo giveaway! Not exactly the big lottery prize, but still very nice!
+ ABBA - The Winner Takes It All

Hmmm - I actually like ABBA! Is that a guilty pleasure or is it OK?

UK quartet 8 Miles High recommended yesterday by an Anonymous reader (who is not at all anonymous, but is actually a Spanish guy called José Antonio) are indeed quite good. The band is influenced by several classic bands from the 60's (Kinks, The Who etc.) and as you would expect, the music is foot tapping guitar rock.

+ See My Way
+ Lonely Room

José Antonio also recommends New Jersey band New London Fire, who released their debut album I Sing The Body Holographic yesterday. Hopefully album opener and first single Different is an indicator of what to expect from the album, because this up-tempo tune is an immediate "ear-hanger"!
+ Different


Chris said...

it will always be ok to love ABBA! :)

Anonymous said...

I recommended 8 miles hihg.
Yesterday I recommended other good band in your e-mail: New London Fire.
So I´m not anonymous ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for put me in your blog!!
Today I discover a Scandinavian band: Magenta Skycode.
You can listen this band in your e-mail, because is brilliant!!

Larry F. said...

Another good song I'd recommend from New London Fire's album is "Someone Like You". It's a catchy boy-girl duet type of thing.