August 8, 2006

Rodolfo Recommends!

Like probably every other music blogger I get lot of emails every day from bands, labels or fans suggesting that I listen to this artist or that particular song. Unless I turn blogging into a full time job I have no chance to listen to all the stuff. But whenever Peruvian reader Rodolfo sends an email I'll make sure to find the time to listen to his recommendations, because he has a pretty great music taste and always seems to be able to find something worth your while. This time it's no different and in his recent mail he introduces me to a trio of quite interesting bands.

First band is Costar; a Norwegian band now residing in London. The music is straightforward and likeable pop/rock, which doesn't require much work getting into. The songs are catchy and it is really no surprise that this band has received some radio airplay.
+ Stuck In The Middle
+ Looking For Love

Gran Ronde from LA have a very British sound and should appeal to the fans of bands like Franz Ferdinand, We Are Scientists etc. However I (once again) think that this is a band sounding fresher and a lot better. No album releases yet, but the potential for a nice debut is definitely there!
+ Say Say Say
+ Set It Off
+ Retrace

Third and final band is The New Humans from Newcastle, UK. The more I listen to this band the more interesting it gets. This is pop songs with a twist of punk and electronic sounds.
+ Good Morning Japan
+ Escape From The 80's

Finally I think I should mention that Rodolfo has a Myspace profile. So go there and send him a "friend" request!


Anonymous said...

Gran ronde is marvellous band!!!
I like "say, say, say"!!
Good discovery!!

Anonymous said...

8 MILES HIGH is a good band too.
The song "See my way" is pure british pop!!!