September 21, 2006

Mew surfing in Canada????

Today is your last chance to enter the Charlie Don't Surf contest. I've only received a few entries so far, so the chances of winning should be pretty decent.

Someone left a comment asking if I know where A Triumph For Man by Mew can be purchased online. If you live in Scandinavia or EU you can buy it here. Cannot find it on Amazon, so I don't know if it's possible to buy it if you live in the States?
+ Saliva (From Half The World Is Watching Me)

In the mailbox this morning, I found a mail recommending US indie pop band Canada (!). Canada is/are a 7 piece from Michigan, who released their full length debut album This Cursed House in June this year. The band sure deserves to be recommended to as many people as possible. Not just because the music is very good (should appeal to anyone who enjoy the music of Sufjan, The Arcade Fire, My Latest Novel etc.), but also because the band has made 3 songs from the album available as free downloads. I still think that every band should do this, because it definitely is the very best way for any band/artist to promote their music!
+ Record Function
+ Beige Stationwagon
+ Hexenhaus

Not sure what to think of this cover version of Cemetery Gates by The Very Most. Nice acoustic feel, but I guess it's difficult to cover any song by The Smiths?
+ Cemetery Gates

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I guess I'll have to find someone in Europe to get it for me!