September 19, 2006


Today I attended a seminar on Investor Relations, which for the most part was quite interesting. Especially the lecture on how newsfeeds, blogs etc. rapidly are entering the world of IR was rather entertaining. Funny to see how the IRO's in the big companies suddenly are realizing the potential of the web. Really should be old news, but it was almost as if they have "seen the light".

So I haven't been anywhere near a computer today, thus preventing me from updating the blog. However I have a little time on my own now (the wife has gone to the cinema and the kids are asleep), so I've just begun emptying the mailbox and listening my way through the stuff. Song will be posted if I hear anything worth wasting your time on!!

Bad News by Owen is a nice laid back tune, which is simply perfect at this time of the day, because I'm a quite tired now. Owen is the solo project of Mike Kinsella, who has played in several other bands (that I probably should check out!). The track is from the forthcoming album At Home With, which is set to be released November 7.
+ Bad News

A week earlier on October 31 NY trio The End Of The World will release their debut album called You're Making it Come Alive on Flameshovel Records. Two very good songs can be downloaded for free and they sound like a mix of Doves and Band Of Horses, which definitely means that I'll have to order the album!
+ Last Cast
+ Show Your Age

Finally - before anyone starts to complain. There (most likely) won't be any updates tomorrow!

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