September 23, 2006

Saturday Evening......

Summing up what has happened today:

We had brunch at our favorite café this morning

I bought a few CD's (6 to be accurate) at my favorite music store.

We went for a nice afternoon stroll at the local castle.

We watched the first episode of Matador on TV. I know it's a rerun (probably for the billionth time), but still worth watching.

I received two CD's and a t-shirt in the mail this morning.

The First CD was An Extraordinary New Fitness Product by Anamia. Much welcomed as I now finally get the opportunity to hear the final versions of the songs, I heard in the studio a couple of months back. The new tracks will soon be available for download and I'll add my comments on the album by then.

The t-shirt and the second CD (Crash) were by Ether Aura. The Logo T-Shirt (click the picture and see for yourself) is awesome.

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Chris said...

That café looks somewhat familiar... ;)