July 11, 2006

Meeting Anamia

One of the (many) highlights of my recent holiday was that I got the opportunity to meet the boys from Danish alternative/indie rock band Anamia. Regular readers of my blog should know that I've been enjoying the music of the band for quite some time now, so when I learned that the band would be recording in their Easter dé la créme studio, only a few hours drive away from where we were staying, I (modest as I am) immediately invited myself to pay them a visit.

The four guys turned out to be surprisingly humble and friendly lads (stay that way once you get famous!!) and I spent a couple of interesting hours in their company, getting to know them, drinking a few beers, discussing music in general (influences, concerts, reviews etc.), talking about the future of the band (gigs, promotion etc.) and (most importantly) I got the chance to listen to the rough versions of the recently recorded songs.

The plan (if my memory doesn't fool me) is to put the 5 new songs and the 6 tracks of the first EP He Never Left The Room (in remixed/-mastered versions?) on a full-length "compilation" Album that will have a lenghty and quite spectacular title, which I very much doubt that I'm entitled to reveal at this point! So far the band hasn't been all the active when it comes to promoting itself, but once the new and more professional looking CD has been produced/printed this should (and really ought to) change and the band will start approaching radio stations, magazines etc. as well as trying to sell the CD through a few selected record stores.

The new recordings sort of indicate a change in the musical direction of the band as all of the songs were shorter, more "noisy" and not as instantly catchy as the songs of the first EP (the band's songwriter Michael revealed that among bands he has been inspired by Sonic Youth and Traening). That said the new songs still sounded damn great and once keyboardist/bassist Mogens (aka tWAMi) has added his magic touch to the recordings, I'm certain that we'll have another bunch of brilliant Anamia songs on our hands.

Unfortunately it will last a few months (at the very minimum) before the new songs are ready (I was told that they will be available as free downloads), so in the waiting period I strongly urge you to check out the older songs, if you haven't done so already!

+ Butterfly In Paris (the catchy one of the EP)
+ Temptation Puzzle (my favorite track of the EP)
+ More songs

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