October 16, 2006

68 divided by 2 is 34.........!!!!!

68! According to Last.Fm that's the number of times I listened to Drama Queen by Moi Caprice last week (unfortunately the song is no longer available as a free download).

Here's a story for you (with some or at least a little connection to the information above)....
A guy called Jackie Sthlm mailed me a song last week called 34 (!) by the (to me) completely unknown Swedish pop/rock quartet CJ Palmer. I replied telling him that I liked it, but since the song wasn't available as a free download I couldn't and wouldn't mention it in the blog. Two hours later I received another mail; this time from CJ himself (apparently the band is named after him) in which he writes that he owns the rights to the song (record label and publishing company) and more importantly that I was more than welcome to post the song in the blog! So now that this major "obstacle" is out of the way; here it is; the dynamic, cheerful, danceable, catchy and very enjoyable 34 by CJ Palmer, which I believe will be the perfect soundtrack when driving your car on a hot summer's day! The song is yet unreleased, but could very well end up being the next single from the band! CJ Palmer is (as previously mentioned) a quartet from Stockholm formed in 2004 with the ambition of recording the best pop/rock album made in recent years. No release date of the album has yet been set, but it will be called Everything That Shines and accordingly it is now completed (including mastering, sleeve etc.)!
+ 34

"Big" news in the Danish media last week was that The Last Resort by dj/mixer/producer/electronica artist etc. Trentemøller was reviewed by Pitchfork! Out of curiosity I bought a copy of the album this weekend and quite surprisingly I'm enjoying it, because this isn't really the type of music I'd normally listen to! Aurgasm has uploaded two tracks for evaluation purposes......(!?) All you people who delete the files after evaluating the songs - please stand up!

Peter has sent me two albums (including the debut) by German shoegaze/dream-pop band Malory in return for the new Nephew album I sent him last week. Needless to say I'm very much looking forward to listen to the albums by, what Peter calls, "the best German band around"!
+ Take Me Down (Remix)
+ Sleeper

My list of Current Favorites has been updated and 6 new songs were added!


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