October 17, 2006

There are songs everywhere....

I have a truckload of songs I really should spend a little time listening to today, because the stream of new music never seems to dry out and my mailbox is breathing for air. So I've downloaded files and deleted mails in bunches this morning as well as checking out a few recommendations in other blogs. Once I've listened to the songs, I'll post a few comments on the stuff I think is worth your time!

Peter sent me a mail last night stating that I'd be eternally sorry if I didn't check out N.Y. band Dirty On Purpose. Now that's a strong statement, but I'm sure glad he "forced" me to listen to this great band! Peter has 4 songs here.

Several people (including Peter) have recommended the new track by Vega 4 called Bullets. This one is pretty much a no-brainer, because it's a terrific and very catchy pop/rock track.
+ Bullets (zip file)

Swedish duo Vision System sounds like a mix of early Depeche Mode, Cause & Effect, De/Vision and Danes Portland, so you know what to expect. All There Is is taken from the 2004 album Monochrome.
+ All There Is

And Evacuation by N.Y. duo The Somnambulants pretty much follow in the same footpath; sounding very electronic and reminding me a bit of The Hourly Radio, She Wants Revenge etc. Both artists were recommended to me by the ever present J.A.
+ Evacuation (Remix)

There are still plenty of music left, but work is calling and I really should focus a bit on it today...........

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