October 24, 2006

Evening Cleaning...

I've removed links to a few blogs that are no longer being updated. Seems like a lot of MP3 bloggers are throwing in the towel these days. Wonder why?

My Current Favorites list has been updated!

Spanish band Metropol is sweeping through bloggerland! Chris has already mentioned this in a post earlier today.

Molotov over at A Plague Of Angels has a fine post on Moi Caprice. It's great to see that the band replied to his pleas and sent him two songs in a decent quality (and apparently gave him permission to post them as well). One of them is the new single Drama Queen, which you should grab NOW!

Cleaning out the mailbox......

Dave Martin of folk-pop duo That's Him! That's the Guy! has sent me a mail asking me to check out his band. The second half of the duo is Joe Scott of (the band) Canada, which I mentioned (in a positive way) a while back. Two tracks are available as downloads, and Love Again is a nice up-tempo acoustic track, while These Days is a slower and more electronic one (with a banjo!). I'd probably enjoy both tracks even more, if they were performed live down at the pub.......
+ Love Again
+ These Days

Another quite interesting mail, but of a completely different genre, comes from Australian (but London based) musician/mixer/etc. The Scar. I mentioned the energetic and somewhat Garbage inspired Kill Her Off by The Ropes in this blog at the beginning of the year, but now The Scar has finished a pretty cool mix of this already very cool track. Originally I thought the song would be nothing but a smash hit, but it seems like I was wrong? Actually I've just learned that the first pressing of the EP (1,000 copies) has been sold out and that the second pressing is in the making. Not exactly a smash, but the band seems to be doing quite well!!
+ Kill Her Off
+ Killer (The Lemmy Remix feat. Miss Odd Kidd)

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monthlyDV Staff said...

I like that song "These Days". Thanks for posting it, I'm going to check that band out.