October 13, 2006

Friday Round-Up....

Have you downloaded the new songs by Moi Caprice? I seriously doubt that you'll hear a better and more gorgeous song than Drama Queen this year, so I definitely think you should do it!

J.A. compares Danish quartet Harmony Boys to Moi Caprice. Vocally there are some parallels, but musically the "boys" have lots of work left.
+ Sunshine Lover

Promising Swedish band Du Pacque has uploaded a new track to Myspace. War is probably the band's weakest effort so far, without being even remotely bad. The band is working on a website, so hopefully we'll soon be able to download the songs in a decent quality!
+ War

New track by Cassettes Won't Listen found in the mailbox this morning.
+ Gigga

The duo Nemo from Brooklyn released their debut album Signs Of Life back in 2004, but I wasn't aware of their existence until earlier this week, when J.A. (who else) mentioned the duo in a mail. Musically they are probably located somewhere in the indie pop genre or perhaps their music is better described as Roxy Music meeting The Moody Blues and The Cure for a beer? The title track (stream it here) is just ace, but the two tracks below are really great ones as well.
+ Metropolitan
+ Northern Light

Last track featured today (directly from the mailbox) is Wilderness by UK band/artist collective Sunny Day Sets Fire. Described as art pop, which probably is a description I could have used when describing the music Nemo? Oh well - nice, sweet and catchy!
+ Wilderness


Jackie said...

That Gigga track is effin sweet!

Parklife said...

"Signs of Life" is really really cool!!! Got to get the CD...

Luke said...

Hey all, thanks for listening to nemo. We're currently busy working on album # 2. Stayed tuned and feel free to drop by our myspace page and say hi anytime: myspace.com/nemony