October 10, 2006


The second part of Rodolfo Recommends will be posted tomorrow.

Download Devolve's remix of The Radio Dept.'s album track I Wanted You To Feel The Same.
+ I Wanted You to Feel the Same (Marble House Edit)

Peter over at Coast Is Clear is high on really great US new wave band The Prids.

Peter over at Schallgrenzen has "discovered" Anamia.
+ But wasn't it so back then

J.A. mailed The Kids Label last week asking for the release date of The Mighty Six Ninety album. Hopes are that it will be released early next year and according to the label the album is amazing (would have been quite a surprise if they had written anything else, but I do expect it to be just that)!

Trio Minor Flaw is Gaffa's Demo band of October and Falling Apart is really cool and very "Green Day'ish".
+ Falling Apart

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