October 9, 2006

Rodolfo Recommends...

Rodolfo has once again been busy scanning Myspace and has mailed a long list of (at least to me) unknown artists and songs he suggests I share in the blog. As always his efforts are much appreciated (makes life as a blogger a lot easier) and I will post the songs one by one during the day, when I have found the time to give them a closer listen.

+ The Young Offenders Institute - Strange (Demo)
A 5 piece from Manchester listing Stone Roses and Puressence among the influences. Hopefully the rest of the songs are as good as this one!

+ New Adventures - Speak Up
The singer's voice is a bit annoying (his voice sounds like it's going to crack), but the music (indie rock with the usual 80's synth inspiration) is really good.

+ Lakes - Indian Lover
This is the opening track from the band's 5 track Photographs EP released in September. Great track from this US band sounding a bit like Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls.

+ Lucky Star - Eyes To The Left (demo)
Energetic indie pop/rock band from (you guessed it) Manchester. So far this is my least favorite track.

+ The Sugar Report - Dear Friends And Enemies
I guess this band is a bit inspired by the dark sound of fellow New Yorkers Interpol? Not bad really!

+ The Jakpot - Turning Point
Correctly spelled (there is no c in the band name). The song only runs for 2 seconds before you know for sure that this band is from the UK, because the sound is very typical British. Try listening to it and you'll instantly know what I mean!

I will continue this post tomorrow.......

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