October 3, 2006

Nude Panda's?

Yesterday I asked what I could do to increase the number of visitors to the blog. Learning from the comments I guess that the only step forward is introducing a new type of posts called something like "nude musician of the day/week/month/?". Would be swell - wouldn't it? ;-) Very much doubt that it'll be implemented, so sorry to disappoint you guys! But thanks for the feedback and looking forward to seeing those pictures in your blogs someday :-)

Instead I hope that music will continue to be the cornerstone of this blog and as long as one or two readers find something useful here every once in a while, I really should be more than happy. Especially if this means that I don't have to post any nude pictures of Meat Loaf!

Two new recordings by fine Philly shoegazers Panda Riot are available from the band's webpage. The first one is called White Elephants and is a brand new demo track. The second one is a live medley version of the songs Suspense Kiss/Art School Girls Of Doom recorded a couple of weeks ago. If I had my own record label, signing the Panda's to a contract would be top priority!
+ White Elephants
+ Suspense Kiss/Art School Girls Of Doom (Live on WPRB 103.3 FM)

What seems like ages ago (it was waaaay back in February) I mentioned interesting Australian shoegaze/psychedelic quartet Tugboat. Two tracks from the band's forthcoming EP Rushes have been uploaded to Myspace for us to download and (hopefully) enjoy! Especially the epic (and quite psychedelic inspired) New Colour is utterly brilliant.
+ New Colour
+ Round Again (remix)

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