October 4, 2006

The shadow of Andrew....

The Submarine Song by Irish band Shadowplay is still among my favorite songs of the year (and it really should be one of your favorites as well!). For some reason I completely missed that the band split up three months ago, but yesterday I learned that lead singer Andrew Boland has recorded a few tracks of his own. His first two solo recordings (still just demos) are mellow and laid back, and the songs really fit the label "music for the lonely" given by Andrew himself! In his own words he's not even close signing to a label, which I find very hard to understand. The chorus ("I need you") in Leonard Cohen's Few (originally I thought this might be a cover version, but instead the title is a reference to the Cohen song The Guests) is achingly beautiful and the vocals definitely bring back memories of Scott Walker, though several people seem to be hearing a lot of Morrissey in it. As always I believe that you should judge that yourself!
+ The Submarine Song
+ Leonard Cohen's Few (new file - 160 Kbps!)

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jeremiah vohn said...

yes i agree with you... i heared their songs too, it was cool, i just love listening to it everytime i brush my teeth coz i'll be spnding more time listening while brushing, it helps my brushing habit alot..:-)