October 23, 2006

To Sweden and back.....

I spent the past weekend in Sweden (Småland to be exact) and although I very much doubt that I could live there, it sure is a very nice and beautiful country, with lakes, trees, wildlife and the most wonderful scenery. And obviously one shouldn't forget that our neighbor to the east is the home of Kent; the best band in the world. So below I've posted a few tracks as a tribute to Sweden's finest, but unfortunately they are all in the poor Myspace quality. If you're interested in exploring this fabulous band further and listen to songs of a decent quality, I suggest you go here, here, here, here or here.
+ Den döda vinkeln
+ Kärleken Väntar
+ Kräm (så nära får ingen gå)
+ 747 (English version)

1 comment:

molotov said...

I always love a Kent post, even when it's from an already-a-true-believer like you. Need to get a few Americans to hear these guys; I've tried. My moi Caprice post today was very much inspired/instigated by you, so thanks for getting the ball rolling. (And yes, I too am depressed by the MySpace/96 kbps debacle. It really has been a rather seismic shift in things.) Be well.