October 20, 2006

Wasted Time in the Metropol?

Probably no point in repeating that the songs you can download from Myspace these days are of a really poor quality. Unfortunately a lot of bands continue to use this service, instead of hosting the files themselves, even though the disadvantages are multiple. Not only are the quality awfully low (96 Kbps), but the tags are not working meaning that the band names and song titles aren't listed properly in the various MP3 aggregators (thus missing out on some free publicity). However I have to admit that so far I haven't found anything better than Myspace, when it comes to exploring new bands. And I really like that all pages are (more or less) the same, meaning that you don't have to click through various welcome pages and intros before finally reaching the songs! So I guess the ideal solution would be to stream the songs at Myspace and then have the opportunity to download the songs from the band's webpages? Hopefully more and more bands will realize that this is (close to) the perfect set-up.

Today's music comes from 3 bands found at Myspace (2/3 of them thanks to J.A.), so as always be prepared to see some funny looking titles when you try to download the songs.

Spanish britpop inspired band Metropol has written some really nice and quite catchy tunes, which definitely would be a lot better if the band decided to change the lead singer (not meaning to be rude - just don't think the voice match the otherwise fine quality of the songs). The music is heavily inspired by bigger acts like Embrace, Coldplay, Snow Patrol etc.
+ My Own Gravity
+ 515 AM

Wasted Time by Starcrossed Lovers from the UK is a terrific indie pop tune, sounding like B&S teaming up with The Divine Comedy. Unfortunately the rest of their songs sound quite boring and uninspired.
+ Wasted Time

The Flamingoes from somewhere in the UK are currently working on their second album, eleven years after their debut. Good Feeling is a really fine indie pop/rock track, but just like Starcrossed Lovers I'm not overly impressed by the other songs.
+ Good Feeling

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Anonymous said...

"Wasted time" by Starcrossed Lovers is brilliant song!