December 20, 2006

AirSpiel +++

Scottish indie rock band AirSpiel sent me a mail last week asking if I'd be interested in making a blog post on the band. I quickly recalled that Chris featured the band in his blog a while back, but more importantly I also recalled that I liked the band's songs, when I listened to them. So obviously my reply to the band was positive and in return the boys gave me permission to upload a few tracks.
AirSpiel has existed since 2003 and originally started out as a duo, but is now a 5-piece following some changes and additions the past few years. The band is currently recording (or has recently finished?) their debut album (to be called In Another Life), but I cannot find any information on a release date. The music is really catchy indie rock that for obvious reasons has been compared to bands like U2, Coldplay and The Bluetones. I've posted two tracks by the band below and both of them are just fabulous. So I'm eagerly awaiting news on when the album will be released and I will keep you posted if/when I have any news!
+ Ghosts
+ Smiling at the Sun

Fine Danish music blog emodreng og indiepige is run by two 16-year-olds (?!?!?!?!) with a brilliant taste in music. They have just posted their best albums of 2006 list, which sure is worth checking out. They also give the excellent Kelly by Van She some much deserved exposure.

Check out this (alternative?) Christmas track by American rockers Tone Rodent.
+ Christmastime

Yesterday I finally bought Broom by Someone Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin. Will be quite interesting to hear if it is as great as everyone else seem to believe it is.
+ Oregon Girl
+ House Fire

Hits In The Car favorite Pete White has teamed up with John Beeson to form the duo beeson and white. 4 very good tracks from an acoustic live recording session are available for download.
+ Run

Another Hits In The Car favorite - Kind of girl - is no. 12 & 13 in this week's Free Downloads chart over at! Quite a surprise, but well-deserved!!
+ Poetry boy
+ Slave to your charms

120 Days is picked as band of the year by DoCopenhagen.
+ Come Out, Come Down, Fade Out, Be Gone

It's probably a very good thing that I don't have to make my living through blogging. The average no. of hits per day in December is down to 265 compared to 315 in November. Or down by 16%. Numbers like that could get anyone fired!!


Parklife said...

Ah, don't worry, the no. of page hits went down at my blog too... as long as we have some faithful followers everything's okay for me. :-) Although world domination through our blogs wouldn't be THAT bad... ;-)))

GooSHY said...

Airspiels album has been released following a very successful launch party at ABC1.