December 27, 2006

Best songs of 2006.....

When you start making a list like this, you suddenly realize how long a year really is. I have no idea how many songs and artists I've been listening to the past 12 months, but it must have been a lot, because I certainly was having all kinds of problems remembering the best ones, when I compiled the list. Actually I re-did it more than once, and I'm still not sure if this is the correct one. It probably would look different tomorrow and a whole LOT different a week from now. But the year is nearly over, so this was the time to draw a line. Some of the songs included are demos and have therefore never been officially released, so there might be a risk that I'm including songs that rightly would belong on a 2005 list. I've linked or uploaded files, when I felt certain that I'm not violating any legal rights, hyper linking etc. Please let me know if I'm mistaken, and the songs will be taken down ASAP. Finally only one entry per artist was allowed! Enough rambling - here they are - my favorite songs of 2006.

25. C/O/R/D - Winter (video)
Just one of those nice ones that I keep getting back to!

24. Pete White - Hand Signals (MP3)
Every regular visitor to this blog should know by now that this guy is my favorite singer/songwriter.

23. El Video - A Day Off (MP3)
Had almost forgotten this one. Shame on me!

22. The Orders - Desperation Takes Hold (MP3)
Hopefully I'm not the only one looking forward to the album? To be released January 17.

21. Director - Reconnect (blog with MP3)
I've been told that the album is crap. Shame, because this song is fab.

20. EPO-555 - Pizza Tintin
I'm still wondering what's on that pizza?

19. Green Concorde - This Time (remix by tWAMi) (MP3)
Should be on every "car soundtrack."

18. Mighty Six Ninety - Believable
Whenever these guys decide to release an album, it's bound to be great.

17. TempEau - Mädchen aus Greifswald (MP3)
I know it's sung in German, but it's a nice pop/rock track with razor sharp lyrics.

16. Van She - Kelly (MP3)
OH Kelly! Completely irresistible.

15. Under the Influence of Giants - Mama's Room (webpage with MP3)
Probably my "guilty pleasure" of the year!

14. Kent - Nålens Öga (video)
Best band in the world. This was "just" a charity single and still among the best songs of the year.

13. Muse - Map of the Problematique (blog with MP3)
Blew me away the first time I heard it.

12. Beirut - Postcards From Italy (MP3)
Every blogger loves this track. I'm no exception.

11. Days - Simple Thing (MP3)
Could have picked any of their 4 tracks.

10. Oppenheimer - Breakfast in NYC (MP3)
Normally I quickly get tired of songs like this. But 8 months later I still love it!

9. The fridaynight Club - Aeroplanes (MP3)
Mystery track of the year. I still don't know anything about this band(?)!

8. The Holiday Show - Snookerstar (MP3)
Waiting for an album guys!

7. Camera Obscura - Tears for Affairs (blog with MP3)
Even my one year old daughter loves this one!

6. Gentle Touch - Smedby (MP3)
J.A. introduced me to this one by calling it a "big pop song". Couldn't think of a better description myself.

5. Ruined by Martin - Dear Reo (MP3)
Still waiting for them to get that second EP finished.

4. The Electric Pop Group - Popgirly (MP3)
Charming. Guess that word says it all!

3. Anamia - Butterfly in Paris (MP3)
A great, but utterly ignored track!

2. Kind of girl - Poetry Boy (MP3)
The runaway winner of the "most-blogged-about-track-of-the-year" award.

1. moi Caprice - Drama Queen (Stream)
The first time I listened to it I knew that this would end up being my no. 1 song of the year!!


Cesar said...

Hi Stytzer!

Where did you forget "Transatlantic flight" by Lorraine and "A simple plan" by The Information?. Oh my god!. These were the best songs of 2006 ever, ever, ever done!

Hey buddy, you forgot it!

Anyway...I think you´re the best blogger!


stytzer said...

hmmm - won't deny that I've forgotten several songs. A Simple Plan definitely should be in the list, but according to the band's webpage it was a 2005 release :(

cesar said...

You´re right...The album was released in 2005...but remember... at the end of the last I was wrong. :)

Well, here comes another forgotten great song...MOONBABIES..."War on sound"...released in 2006!

I recognize it´s so difficult to select the best songs and so easy to forget then.


Chris said...

Congratulations, you already have it... I'm still working on mine! :(

Well, it should be out by the end of the week. And I will surely forget about some songs that should be in there... guess that's the deal with those lists, don't you think?

Parklife said...

Well, a great list and we share some similiarities in our top-songs (this comes as no surprise :-) Nice to see TempEau in it as well...

Parklife said...

...but hey, you forgot The Monday Photo...!?

Anonymous said...

Good to see some good Irish bands, Oppenheimer and Director in there. Great list, looking forward to getting to know the tracks. hugger.

stytzer said...

@Peter - you know I like The Monday Photo, but no song really stands out (IMO). But the album will be great (I hope).

@Cesar - check my best of 2005 lists. War on Sound was number 3 on that list :)

@Chris - you always forget something.

Der Automat said...

TempEau - "razor sharp lyrics" sounds great ! I like the song. Thank you for posting.
Greetings from Germany ;-)

Der Musikautomat

Peter said...

I love at least 8 of these (Beirut, Days, Oppenheimer, the fridaynight Club, the Holiday Show, Ruined by Martin, Kind of Girl, the Electric Pop Group). A great list.