December 27, 2006

No more talk about Christmas!

The Anthem To Which We Fall by Green Concorde has been tested on MTV Fahrenheit. Do me (and the band) a favor and vote for the boys. If you need to check out the song or video before voting, you can do it here.

The Free Downloads Chart has been updated. Cannot spot any new interesting entries, but the new no. 1 is....
+ Okkervil River - Black

Speaking of FALK has sent me two recommendations. One is the 5 track Anger Manifest EP by German Gothic-pop-rock/Darkwave duo All:My:Faults. This still isn't my favorite genre, but I cannot deny that I like this!
+ Forget Me...
+ Sand of Time

The second band he recommends is Finnish electronic pop duo Viola. I'm already quite familiar with Viola and their catchy tunes, so I'll pass on his recommendation to "the rest of the world"!
+ Lovelights
+ Sad Eyed Disco Dancers

Download a 10 track compilation (for free) called Electronica Unplugged over at Aerotone. I really enjoy the fact that more and more labels are giving away music for free. But I cannot help wondering how they survive financially?
+ Leander - Directions

Acoustic duo Austin Atteberry & Friends from Chicago has sent me a message, asking if I would like to receive a copy of their second album. The songs available are (I believe) from the debut, but since they do sound pretty fine, I replied with a "thank you" and asked them to send me a copy. I will write more once I've received the album.
+ Party Tonight
+ Letter of Three Words

I promised no more talk about Christmas, but I just came across this Christmas (inspired?) tune by Gothenburg duo The Lost Homeboys. The vocals could easily be a lot better, but it's very indie, rather catchy and full of seasonal atmosphere.
+ A letter from us

I plan to post my list of favorite songs of the year tonight.

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