December 14, 2006

Volvoe - Snowscape

Anyone remember Danish indie/electro act Volvoe that I mentioned several months ago? Even if you don't I strongly recommend that you check out the new track Snowscape that has been uploaded to the band's Myspace profile today. The track, taken from the forthcoming album, is a really catchy and up-tempo electro pop tune that easily matches the quality of the band's previous outputs.
+ Snowscape (Myspace quality)


Steph said...

Hi Styzer!
I just wanted to wish you a happy holiday! I have been reading your blog all year long and am so happy more and more people are reading your stuff! You have turned me on to a lot of great music and I thank you so much!

I don't know if maybe I missed but lately been obsessing Peter Bjorn and John...

Happy Holidays from NYC!

stytzer said...

Steph! Thanks for the nice words. Best wishes and Happy Holidays to you too! :)