January 22, 2007

Stupid Monday....

It's Monday - It's snowing - I'm busy - I'm Tired - The coffee is cold - I cannot upload any files - I'm not broke, but I still cannot stop whining........

You get my point - don't you?

I wanted to upload a new track by cool Danish trio Oliver North Boy Choir, sent to me by the band, but I cannot make FileDen work. The track is also available at Myspace, but in the usual bad quality, so I asked the band to send me the track in a better quality and I received it within minutes. But the poorer version will have to do for now, until I figure out how to upload files again. The track is (apparently) "just" going to be a b-side, but like everything else I've heard from this band it's very good. Perhaps this track shows the band trying to distance itself a bit more from the sound of EPO-555, though the band manage to do it without loosing the charm and the catchy melody.
+ Cobra
And if you didn't download them the first time around, here are two older ones:
+ Something New
+ Albertino

Chris has been so kind to upload the file for me, so here is the track in a better quality.
+ Cobra

And a couple of nice Last.fm recommendations from FALK:
+ Seagull Strange - Sulla's Return
+ Roenik - Leave That Something (mentioned a few times by Chris as well)

Rodolfo is a busy man these days, but nonetheless he has found the time to recommend this rather nice one by UK powerpop band Blackflower.
+ Won't Feel a Thing

I've just received the album Lanzafame by Tap Tap that I ordered last week. It's absolutely brilliant and sounds like Arcade Fire meeting Neutral Milk Hotel. No horns or violins though.....but (quoting Rough Trade) it's packed with noisy guitars and crashy drums!
+ Here Cometh
+ Way To Go, Boy

I just found these two really nice ones by Liverpudlians Clinic in the mailbox. The band's fourth album called Visitations is released tomorrow.
+ Harvest Within You
+ Jigsaw Man


Parklife said...

Clinic rocks! And Tap Tap are great too. :-)

Peter said...

I H A T E Mondays

Anonymous said...

I've loved the Oliver North Boy Choir since you first posted them. Thanks! (P. S.: I hate North himself, but I gotta say he's doing a nice job with the choir.)

Parklife said...

Yes, "Cobra" is awesome!