January 23, 2007

Swedish Dew

Found the Swedish band Dew over at Myspace tonight and below I've listed pretty much all the information I can find:
- Formed in 2000 and released an album in 2005 (I believe it must have been called Somewhere Else).
- Two band members (Tommy & Dan). So it's a duo (I'm clever eh?).
- The band has five Myspace "friends". Hopefully they'll accept my request to make it six!
- Influenced by many genres, but mostly by British group from the late 70's and early 80's.
To me this is exactly the type of charming indie pop that so regularly and generously flows from Sweden to spoil us all.....hmmm - now that I think of it, Dew actually reminds me quite a lot of The River Detectives if anyone remember that Scottish band!? Check out Dew even though the songs are in the typical (low) Myspace "quality"!
+ All That I'm Leaving Behind
+ Still Looking
+ Somewhere Else


Anonymous said...

Bravo! Excellent! Etc.!

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derek@fsmail.net said...

River Detectives? Now yer talkin'