January 4, 2007

This and that on a Thursday.......

I've just pre-ordered a copy of the forthcoming album Before We Could Sing by Ether Aura (released February 17). Stream tracks of the album over at the band's Myspace profile.

A few other albums I'm looking forward to are:
Entakt - Træerne vokser ind i himlen (January 8)
Green Concorde - Ten Cities (January 15 or 22)
The Kissaway Trail - The Kissaway Trail (January 22)

My current favorite song is the fab new single by Puressence called Palisades. If you haven't listened to it yet, you really should, but so far I haven't been able to find anywhere to stream it or watch the video. Can anyone help??

Snowden has uploaded the album track Sisters to their Myspace profile, urging everyone to download and share it.
+ Sisters

Thanks to Falk/Darkerradio (don't know what he prefers) for recommending Canadian indie pop/rock band Red Orkestra. This Ontario based band is definitely inspired by the British music scene listing bands like The Manics, The Smiths, Suede etc. among the influences, though I do hear a lot of Budapest, Embrace, Haven and even Coldplay inspiration in the music. A total of 7 tracks are generously available from either the band's webpage or Last.fm, and all of the songs are pretty nice and catchy. Even though some might claim that this is not the most groundbreaking/innovative band you'll ever listen to, the songs are certainly worth a spin (or two).
+ Radio Towers
+ One by One
+ Still Waters
+ After The War

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