January 3, 2007

A Little Place in the Wilderness

The album A Little Place in the Wilderness by Canadian indie pop band Memphis was a late arrival in my collection last year, but it still made a good enough impression to end up as no. 11 on my list of favorite albums of 2006. The album is the second output from this duo consisting of Chris Dumont and Torquil Campbell; the later probably more known as the front man/lead singer in the more well-known and much loved Stars. Rob Mitchum over at Pitchfork wasn't all that crazy about the album at the time of the release (August 15), but unlike him, I really enjoy spending the 40 minutes in company with this album, listening to the duo's blend of dreamy indie/twee/chamber-pop. Despite owning two of their albums, I've never really been a fan of Stars, which probably is why I have no problems listening to A Little Place in the Wilderness, without constantly comparing it to Torquil's "other band". I've received permission to upload these two tracks, which I believe are very representative of the album.
+ I'll Do Whatever You Want
+ Incredibly Drunk on Whiskey

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