January 2, 2007

Tonight I'm listening to...

the absolutely gorgeous Ballad Of A Bitter End by Scottish indie pop band The Poems. The track is from the 2006 album Young America (released by Minty Fresh Records) and I found the song by checking the Last.fm profile of Starsgoneout, who's a writer over at the South American blog Mira el Péndulo.
+ Ballad Of A Bitter End

and the new 5 track EP by French 60's inspired/electro pop piece Prototypes that Minty Fresh Records are giving away for free.
+ Je Ne Te Connais Pas
+ Exister
+ The Full EP (Zip file)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Stytzer! Glad you liked The Poems, they are an amazing and quite unknown band. I feel emotioned you take a look at my last fm and you even mentioned it!. I add you to the links of MEP, nice blog!. Kisses- Romina