February 8, 2007

The Bastard Fairies...

Download the entire 12 track album Memento Mori by US alternative, avant-garde, experimental (feel free to add whatever you think is appropriate) duo The Bastard Fairies for free here or here. The music has been described as "Suzanne Vega shtupping The Knife" by (((withoutsound))) and most pictures of female singer Yellow Thunder Woman (which I've read is a translation of her Indian name Wakinyan Zi Win) are rather, ahem (*blush*) interesting. The entire "concept" is certainly both weird and fascinating, though at first it leaves you with the impression that this is meant to be some kind of repulsive joke! But once you listen to the music you realize that it's surprisingly catchy, and much, much better than you ever expected it to be..
+ A Venemous Tale
+ Everyone Has A Secret
+ Apple Pie

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