February 16, 2007

Best track of the year?

The first time I listened to Twist from the new Ether Aura album Before We Could Sing (officially released tomorrow), it felt just like a bomb went off in my head. This fantastic track, in all its energetic intensity, runs for 2 minutes and 39 seconds and has those lovely roaring drums, them noisy shoegaze guitars and a chorus to die for. On top of that you have the angel like and absolutely wonderful voice of Kate Hinote, who so demonically declares “I WILL hurt you”, which makes this track so darn close to being perfect.
Better prepare yourself to get blown away!

+ Twist

And of course a big thank you to the band, for letting me post the track!


Anonymous said...

Awesome track indeed!

pplist said...

Fabulous. And of course, many thanks to stytzer for introducing me to this fantastic band back in the fall. I bought a bunch of their songs at eMusic and will no doubt buy more from this latest album.