February 17, 2007


Last week I received a copy of the Organized Faults EP by Danish electro/power pop band Volvoe, and since then it has been a frequent guest in the car stereo. The EP has not been officially released but instead distributed to a lot of people in an attempt to put a little more focus on the band. And perhaps even better to catch the attention of the music industry in general. The long-term ambition/dream is (of course!) to be able to release a full-length album, and if the band continues to write attractive, interesting and catchy tunes like those on the EP, we should have an album to be looking forward to very soon. Below the excellent Remedy from the EP and you should check a PLAGUE of ANGELS if you'd like to hear two more tracks by the band.
+ Remedy

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Parklife said...

This song ic ACE! I want an EP too...! :-)