February 13, 2007

Business as usual...

Exactly! Nothing new under the sun. I'm busy and expect to spend the next 12 hours at work. Unfortunately the pivotal point of life cannot be blogging, though that certainly would be quite an appealing scenario. But every now and then my “real life” job requires some attention, and with the next paycheck in mind, I’ll try to focus on work today (at least for the next couple of hours…....)!
Since I doubt very much that anyone are the slightest bit interested in my personal whinings, I’ve posted this absolutely gorgeous indie/electronic pop track instead (recorded by 17 year-old wunderkid Ben Garrett under the alias frYars), to get everyone's focus back on track. I've been given permission to post more tracks, so check back for more (but not today)!
+ The Ides


Parklife said...

Hey, this is really a top-notch song! Are his other tracks equally great...?

Anonymous said...

all the tracks seem quite special. The ides is the most poppy so far from what i have heard.