February 13, 2007

New songs and some mixed stuff...

Below I've posted 5 new tracks found over at Myspace. The quality of the songs has indeed improved from the lowly 96 Kbps and the bitrates of the new songs are 128 Kbps or better. I still cannot figure out how to link directly to the songs (Chris is working on this), so I've had to upload the songs myself (hopefully no one minds?). The Myspace download function doesn't seem to be working perfectly, but hopefully they are trying to fix it, so we can return to "the good old days"!!!

Shoegazers Tearwave from US has posted two new ones. The band has recorded a fine cover of The Church's Under The Milky Way and Read Me is a really great shoegaze inspired track (noisy guitars, dreamy vocals and stuff). A full length CD has been recorded and that one should be a "must".
+ Read Me
+ Under The Milky Way

Alaska (Chris' guinea pigs) from Sweden is one more band in the ever growing line of fantastic Swedish indie pop band. A new EP should be just around the corner, and hopefully the rest of the tracks are as good as these. Originally recommended to Chris and me by J.A.
+ Another Beat
+ Perfect View

Björn Kleinhenz is a real blogger "darling". No offence, as not only does he create great music, but he is also one of the musicians that seems to recognize the relevance of the music bloggers. AND the importance of giving away music for free! But I'd still love to know what has happened to Memoplay!?
+ Sing YEAH

Just found this new and absolutely wonderful indie pop tune by Indonesian band Annemarie over at Music Is My Girlfriend. The band's new album called ABC on TV will be released on Monday (19th).
+ Bubblegum I See

aPLAGUE of ANGELS has a superb post on Danish indie/electronic act Volvoe.

I've added On The Trail Of The Great and Der Mondgucker to the blogroll.

I've "borrowed" today's picture from the home page of Amnesty International Volunteers.

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Peter said...

It`s easy to catch the MySpace-Links with the Download-Plugin (i use firefox 2)