February 15, 2007

dis and dat...

Last night I listened a lot to this great (I think it's an older one) track by US indie/power-pop band The Picture.
+ So Many Days

Yesterday emodreng og indiepige posted 3 tracks by Swedish indie-pop youngsters Abraham & The Ditsy Blondes. Here's a sample and if you like it, you can find two more here.
+ My Vocabulary

Danish band The Art has posted 3 free tracks over at Myspace. I cannot link directly to any of them, but they are all worth checking out. The band has been compared a lot to The Cure, which is no surprise really.
+ Somewhere

My copy of the new Ether Aura album arrived yesterday. I'll post my thoughts and a few tracks next week.

Zeon's Music Blog has been added to the blogroll.

And a quick one....J.A. recommends Brist by Swedish band Kontraband. How do you describe stuff like this? Danceable goth pop?
+ Brist
+ Brist (Compute Version)

Today's picture has once again been "borrowed" from the home page of Amnesty International Volunteers.

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