February 2, 2007

Last.fm - Stuff

I'm still damn busy, but today I'll let the recommendations over at Last.fm guide me to some (hopefully) interesting music. I like the whole idea of recommending music to groups and people, though I do find it rather pointless recommending anything that you cannot download or at least stream. There's so much music out there, so don't expect anyone putting that much of an effort into searching for something that might be interesting. After all, the next band offering free music is just one "click" away! Below some of the songs I've found today thanks to the many recommendations and despite being quite a mixed bag, I enjoyed all of them....

+ Club 8 - Everlasting Love (typical and irresistible Swedish indie pop)
+ Acid House Kings - Do What You Wanna Do (Swedish 60's inspired indie pop)
+ Edson - Sunday, Lovely Sunday (happy Swedish indie pop)
+ Mount Eerie - I Hold Nothing (electronic lo-fi - does that make any sense?)
+ Thelittlesorryselfyouare - Designedly dissolved into nothingless (instrumental post-rock)
+ Dustin's Bar Mitzvah - To The Ramones (punk rock)
+ Tompaulin - Heard Your Whisper (label as indie pop - not quite sure if I agree)

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Jon said...

That Tompaulin track is actually a cover of a June Brides song, and I can see why they'd want to cover it. Did quite a good job.

Bizarrely, I'd posted that self-same June Brides track on my blog earlier today! (So you can compare)