February 1, 2007


Now this one is difficult. Probably every blogger is tired of receiving mass-emails from bands asking us to listen to their music! Some time I randomly check out a few, but mostly I delete them when they start cluttering the mailbox. But a mail the other day from NY based trio Mancino caught my attention. I'm not naive believing that I'm the only blogger approached by the band, but especially a thing (or two) is worth pointing out. Starting the mail by writing "Hi Stytzer" certainly helps, but in the mail the band also writes "It seems like you talk mostly about Scandinavian/European bands on your blog, however I do honestly think you will enjoy our music." Hey! Apparently they had checked out my blog and its contents before sending the mail, which hardly any band does! So just because of that, I simply had to check out the music of Mancino.

As it turns out the music is a mish-mash of many things and is pretty damn hard to describe. In a way it's indie pop, but not with the straight forward and immediately catchy tunes that we are used to from that genre. Perhaps if you add some avantgarde jazz, 2-step and the playful moments of The Flaming Lips you're closer to a description? I saw someone adding circus music to the mix, which isn't completely wrong either. And in the end I'm not quite sure if I like it all..........though it does seem to get better and more enjoyable for every listen. What do you think?

The three tracks below are all taken from the band's debut album Manner Matters which has just been released. More info can be found here.
+L'amour (or less)
+Hetchie Hutchie Footchie
+Circus Scabs

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