February 21, 2007

Snow Fell.......

Every time it's snowing I cannot help posting this fabulous track by The Consultants! I guess the song will forever remain a classic even though the band split up shortly after the release of the (excellent) debut album Work from Home.
+ Snow Fell (It's Night)

I've always been quite slow, so it's completely new to me that the lead singer Marisha Chinsky of the aforementioned The Consultants went on to join (or form?) a band called Polar Bear Parade. In a post nearly 6 months ago Indie MP3 described the sound of the band "like a poppier version of early Sonic Youth", which I think is spot on.
+ Baby Bohemian
+ Firehouse
+ Mountain Lion

And the rest of the members of The Consultants went on to join My Teenage Stride. I've been familiar with this band for quite some time, but haven't really bothered listening to them at all. Once you've listened to Live and Die in.. you'll probably agree that this was quite a mistake!
+ To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge

And finally....3 more songs about snow - I haven't listened to the lyrics, so I damn hope that it's not THAT kind of "snow"!
+ Kuryakin - Snow
+ Tower of Foil - Silent Stream of Snow
+ Sambassadeur - Ice & Snow


Anonymous said...

Actually, Consultants came AFTER My Teenage Stride, all of whose members were in MTS before and after the Consultants existed.
-someone who knows

carolinagirl13 said...

The Consultants song is great! It's beautiful and somehow sounds like a snowfall...