February 22, 2007

Snow continues to fall....

But no - I'm not going to post that track again today!

Hand Signals by Hits In The Car favorite Pete White has been remixed by Soundfoundation. Amazingly this version is even better than the original! If you have a couple of seconds you really should stream his new and surprisingly up-tempo/rocking track How It Is over at Myspace. I'd love to share this track with all of you, but getting permission to doing that seems to be a bit complicated.
+ Hand Signals Rmx
+ Hand Signals

The entire 2006 album Into the Plateau by Spanish indie electronic act Delorean can be downloaded for free over at Last.fm. All 8 tracks are "designed" for the dancefloor, so if you're searching for a "Saturday evening/night soundtrack" - look no further. Kindly brought to my attention by none other than J.A.!
+ Complexity Reducer
+ As Times Breaks Off

OK now - this is what you do! Take the biggest blender you can find. Into the blender you put all your CD's by The Cure, New Order, Joy Division, Puressence and The Radio Dept. You spice it up by adding a little (not very much) shoegaze, some new wave and of course a whole lot of that typical Swedish ability of writing great and catchy tunes. Switch on the blender at high speed for a couple of minutes and....voila....you have The Search from Uppsala. A whopping 63 tracks are available for free from the band's Last.fm profile and obviously I have yet to listen to all of them. But those tracks I have listened to so far are nothing but fantastic! Thanks to Fadeaway for unknowingly assisting me in finding this band!
+ Through the Walls of Ice
+ Collapse of the Imagination
+ I Didn't Raise No Fool


Anonymous said...

Hey Morten!
I like hand singnals remix! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The search is great!!!