March 27, 2007

Angel Pier...and stuff

Rodolfo has been a busy man the past few months, so his recommendations have been few and far between. But the other day he "returned" and sent a message recommending Irish indie/alternative quartet Angel Pier. At first when I looked at the list of the band's influences I somehow got the feeling that we've been there several times before, as the band lists Radiohead, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, The Cure etc. just like (almost) every other new band does these days. But unlike several of those other new bands, Angel Pier is capable of writing songs that you actually want to listen to more than once, which (needless to say) is very nice for a change. So this is highly recommendable stuff that especially should please/appeal to fans of The Stone Roses.
+ Pray
+ Sprites

And here's one from the mailbox. US trio Ruby Isle covers Sonic Youth's Teenage Riot. Not really sure what to think...
+ Teenage Riot

has recently posted a string of tracks by this trio of interesting Swedish artists; Swedish for Beginners, Elenette, Säkert!.

Opening track In Competition for the Worst Time of the Make Another World album by Idlewild is available for free at the band's Myspace profile. Damn great!
+ In Competition for the Worst Time

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