March 26, 2007

on a Monday...

Still a bit depressed about the cancellation of the Arcade Fire concert last night. But it's time to look forward and on Saturday I'm going to see moi Caprice. I've been told that the band isn't any good live, but hopefully that's nothing but "evil rumors".
+ For once in your life try to fight for something you believe in

Belgium band suburb songs describe their music as "a mix between traditional singer-songwriter music, shoegazer and indietronics". The free track Another Side of You taken from the band's webpage does indeed sound like a mixture of those genres.
+ Another Side of You


Thorsten Lyby said...

I have seen them 3 times all in all, twice they have been great, the third time they were a bit of a dissapointment... But the odds are on their side ;-) Look forward to it..

Peter said...

There can always be disappointments. Particularly, if the music is brilliant (on cd). Hopefully they are on the right track on sunday :-)

Joeri said...

Thank you for the support!
greetings from Belgium,
suburb songs