March 7, 2007

Another one of those I'm busy at work posts...

a PLAGUE of ANGELS has a brilliant post on Dew from Sweden.

Radio LXMBRG is another Swedish band (from Stockholm) playing indie pop. Need I say more? Apparently a new album has been recorded, but no further info is available. Meanwhile enjoy these two "oldies" found at Myspace.
+ It's Cruel Up North
+ Male Mystique

A Classic Education has mailed me another track called Victories At Night. It's ace and I've asked for (and hopefully will receive) permission to post it.

Italian blog polaroid > un blog alla radio > has been added to the blogroll.

Just came across French indie pop/rock band Exsonvaldes over at To good not to mention. Both of the tracks below are from the 2004 album Time We Spent Together. I don't speak a word French, but I believe the band is still very much alive.
+ Going Away
+ All I Have

Check the new single by The Mary Onettes. Avi labels the band JAMC-wannabees. Not quite sure if I agree. Not quite sure either if the band deserves the hype!
+ Void

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Parklife said...

"Male mystique" is great!